Private Teaching Benefits

Private Teaching Benefits

Private schools are also known as non state schools and are usually independent of the authority of the local, state or central governing bodies.

The funds to these schools are generated by the tuition fees and various costs- all incurred by the students i.e. they do not rely on government funding.

Since students have to fund each and every part of their education, private schools are usually considered more expensive than public schools.

Benefits of Private teaching

As these schools are not dependent on government bodies for approvals, the facilities in some private schools surpass some of the best universities also. This comes from endowments from various sectors and the alumni play a vital role.

Individual attention – Since there is a selection process and numbers are low, the student teacher ratio remains as low as 1:15. One would ask. Is student teacher ratio very important, The answer is – Yes, it is!

Because, a low student teacher ratio means a lot of individual attention to every student. The student does not get lost in a crowd and any questions, queries, unclear concepts are easily attended.

Since private teaching schools are not liable to show their results to the government, they can pay more attention to developing lateral thinking and have a more balanced Curriculum. Private teaching is accountable to the clientele. If the child does not do well or rather, the parent does not find the teaching satisfactory; he will take his child elsewhere which could mean a loss to the school.

Most schools follow a teacher guided approach to learning so that students realize that learning can be fun, exciting and full of new possibilities. Since private schools offer a myriad of educational techniques and methodologies starting from traditional to very progressive, it is up to the parent to choose a school whose philosophy and approach matches best with the parents’ own ideologies and objectives.

Moreover, attention can be paid to many extracurricular activities like music, arts, sports etc. This also helps in bringing the child’s strong areas to the fore.

Since the numbers will be less, incompetencies on part of the teacher get highlighted very quickly. Taking this factor into account, most private schools do not employ under qualified teachers. The dean will not only look for teachers who are first degree qualified in their subject but are also passionate about their work, that is, teaching.

On the other hand, the teachers, themselves, do not have to worry about discipline. A teacher who does not have to worry about discipline in the class will automatically be able to teach more effectively and efficiently.

Private schools offer top class facilities like libraries, sports, art, music, computerization etc. Most schools are renamed as media centers these days and are well stocked with latest reading material, research papers and latest informations.

As far as sports facilities are concerned, private schools will offer top class sports facilities. Horse riding, swimming, racquet sports, basket ball, football(soccer), hockey, archery, track and field and a host of other sports facilities are available. Most schools have dedicated coached who train students and create teams to inculcate the competitive spirit.

Apart from these, private teaching becomes beneficial as there are a host of other extra curricular activities like choir, theatre clubs, debate clubs etc that work as personality enhancers for the students.

There is no dearth of musical instruments and a student is given the chance to explore his or her musical talents. Whether it is piano, guitar, violin or drums private school teaching gives the student to have a taste of all.

The lessons, assessments, activities, experiments, sports, music all help in the personality development of the student and bring better maturity as he or she prepares for University or the outer world.

Private schools expect parents to actively participate in their wards education. This concept is called a three way system of education where the parents collaborate to bring out the best in the school and the student.

What is the kind of involvement here? That will depend on the amount of time the parent can devote in collaborating with the school. That also depends on a lot of other factors like the parents expertise area, experience level etc.

While the government does not allow promotion of religion, private schools can teach specific religions based on the ideologies of the school. A lot of private schools in fact teach religion and parents can also choose based on their religious ideologies.

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