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Welcome to Private Schools in Portland Oregon

Welcome to Private Schools in Portland Oregon, a new and exciting site that is focused on giving you some helpful information on private education choices in the Portland area.


We will be focusing on education in one of the premier cities in the United States.


We want to give you some up to date and helpful information about your school choices. There is no doubt you want the very best for your child or children. And every child has different needs that must be met if they are to excel in life.


Therefore, we will be concentrating on updating this site with relevant information about the different schools you can choose from.


Here you will find articles on how to choose a good school and some of the factors that will weigh into that decision. Education is far more than one size fits all. And this site will help you sort some of those details out before you start visiting the schools.


You will be able to narrow down your choice to a few schools and be confident that you have the best schools for your child’s needs selected. After that it is a matter of visiting the top choices and making the very best selection to meet your criteria.


Of course you could just do a search for all the schools, compile the website data, then research each school on your own. But that would take ages as there are actually over 100 private schools in Portland Oregon.


So we have compiled much of that information for you right here. Saving you time and effort.


This site is not your final destination, it is more of the door to your opportunities.


We will be showing you information on schools like Central Catholic High School. And there are many more choices. But check this school and the many others we have highlighted for you on this site.




Thank you for visiting this site and please contact us if there is anything more you would like to see here regarding private education in Portland.