St Mary’s Academy Portland Oregon

St Mary’s Academy in Portland Oregon has always been famous for their fleet of elite private schools. Offering few of the best private education systems in all of United States, Portland has truly become a place for some of the best education possible. But even with its high end education system, only a handful of private school in Portland Oregon, has managed to become as prestigious as the 150 year old, 3 time blue ribbon winning school known as St Mary’s Academy.

Located on the Southwest fifth avenue, St Mary’s Academy founded in 1859, came to become one of the best Catholic private schools in the nation. Being an all girls school, St Mary’s Academy always focused on making women stronger and be capable of taking care of their family and face the world in the field of work, with equal tenacity. Being run by The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, this school has managed to live upto its standards with which it was initially formed. Creating few of the best minds and popular names of the nation today, which includes :

–Da’love woods who is one of the most popular basketball personalities,
–Anna. J . Brown who is one of the leading federal judges in the United States today and was nominated by Bill Clinton himself
–Marry. F. Sammons who is the bright mind behind Rite Aid, which has turned into one of the largest drug store chains in the US.

Living upto their motto “J├ęsus et Marie, Ma Force et Ma Gloire” which means, Jesus and Mary, my strength, my glory, St Mary’s Academy have dedicated their lives to ensure the bright future of their students.

Offering education for high school students from the 9th grade to the 12th grade, St Mary’s Academy have managed to create one of the most interactive curriculums which follows a well balanced combination of education along with extracurricular activities. With an opportunity to enroll for the 4 year graduation plan, or choose their preferred combination of subjects which include English, Maths, Sciency, Theology, Fine arts. The student can simply achieve their minimum 25 credit requirement to fulfill their criteria for graduation.

Even though most people have a simple misunderstanding as to a complete women’s private school do not put as much attention behind sports, St Mary’s Academy has proved otherwise. Offering a full sports calender which includes soccer, volleyball, Alpine skiing, lacrosse, cross country, basketball, swimming, tennis and golf, they have managed to create one of the healthiest environments for their students. Coming in as one of the strongest academics and sports teams in all of Portland.

For those who are interested to enroll their daughters into St. Mary’s Academy and are worrying about the annual cost, then this one of the most affordable private schools in all of Oregon. With an $50 application fee, $250 enrollment fees and with an annual fee of $12,150 this is one of those schools which has truly set standards in the fields of education and cost. For those families who think the fee structure is a little out of their budget can also opt for the quarterly or monthly payment plans, where the installment amount will be debited directly from the students families checking account.

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